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Novatel V640 Wireless PC Card

Novatel V640 PC Card (Verizon Wireless Service)

Use the Novatel V640 card from Verizon Wireless in your laptop's ExpressCard slot and you've got instant broadband wireless access to the Internet from anywhere! Get connected while waiting in an airport lounge, relaxing at your hotel or vacation home, while on the road, or at a customer meeting. Using Verizon BroadbandAccess, the V640 operates with high speed data transfer speeds of up to 2.0 Mbps bursts. It also features a multi-color LED service status indicator for data throughput monitoring and a flip-up antenna to enhance RF performance while on the go.. Order as a new plan or add on to an existing Verizon Wireless account.

The V640 features:

  • Express Card Technology
  • VPN Compatible
  • Flip-up Antenna
  • High Speed Data Transfer (up to 2.0 Mbps)*
  • LED Service Status Indicator
* Novatel V640 card is free with Verizon Wireless Broadband service contract.

Cellular Router Devices

A cellular router allows you to share your mobile data access to multiple computers in your location via Wifi or Ethernet network connection.

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